Undaunted...The Early Life of Josh McDowell
Josh McDowell was born in Michigan in 1939 and raised on a dairy farm. The youngest of five children, he grew up in an unhappy, dysfunctional home. His father was an alcoholic who often beat his grossly obese mother; one sister committed suicide; another ran away from home; one brother joined the army never to be heard from again; and the eldest brother permanently broke all communication with his parents over a property ownership dispute. Perhaps the greatest horror was reserved for Josh himself, who was repeatedly abused sexually by a hired hand living in their home. Josh McDowell lost his innocence at an early age. Through his experiences, his heart grew hard, he and distanced himself from God. But he would later find out that God does not abandon anyone - even the most stubborn skeptics.

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Marc V. Rutter, US National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ International
"Undaunted is a powerful display of how God redeems and transforms lives! Josh McDowell's life is on display for all to see how the Lord can take the tragedy of abuse, alcoholism, and family dysfunction and weave it into a unique picture of God's grace. I was moved from beginning to end with a gamut of emotion - anger, sadness and then the peaceful sense that God is in control of even the darkest time. I believe this film will open up the dialogue and doors that will allow the gospel to get the harder places of our lies - that are buried in shame and guilt. Undaunted communicates the gospel so powerfully and clearly - and brings the hope we desperately need!"

Mark Householder, President of Athletes in Action
"For 50 years Josh McDowell has believed the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives. Undaunted is his personal changed-life story. It deeply touched my life. The sky is the limit on how this film can be used around the world!""

Dennis Rainey, President and CEO of FamilyLife
"Undaunted is a compelling and riveting story of a good friend, a hero in the faith. Not only is it an unforgettable story of redemption, but this docudrama is going to bring vision and hope to the most wounded generation in our nation's history. Millions are going to see it and conclude: God can use ME!"

Dr. David Mitchell, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church of Santa Ana
"For over 30 years I have followed the ministry of Josh McDowell and frequently used his books like More Evidence That Demands a Verdict. But last week I viewed his new DVD, Undaunted, that tells the early years of Josh's life. I believe that this docudrama needs to be viewed by every pastor and congregation because of its impact for Christ on some very important themes for our churches. This is one Christian movie that is produced with excellence and is the perfect tool for pastors and their congregations to deal with the tough issues of alcoholism and abuse we often face in even some of our most faithful members and best churches. In my experience, abuse and forgiveness are the two most difficult struggles for our friends and family and this DVD will help you move any that are held back by these painful areas toward a life of true freedom. If you want to begin the journey to true forgiveness and healing in the life of your church, please watch this movie from Josh McDowell’s life."

Jonathan McLatchie, Writer, Apologist
"Your Undaunted movie is brilliant -- a very powerful, moving, testimony and exceedingly well presented."